Model 323 Update

To Enquiring Customers: An Invitation to Update your Model 323/323A Audio Noise Suppressor

The Model 323 (and 323A) Audio Noise Suppressors were purchased widely (and internationally) by record companies, institutions and serious collectors of historical sound recordings. Packburn Electronics Inc. is driven to improve its line of audio noise suppression equipment and is pleased to announce the availability of replacement cards for the noise suppression stages that the unit incorporates. The update entails sending us your machine. We replace the circuit cards and then test the machine to make sure it is up to specification. The update is given the new model number 323AA and provided with a new owner’s manual.

Customers who have updated their audio noise suppressor report the following benefits:

  • The Switcher stage (usable for monaural recordings) reduces more ticks.
  • The Switcher reduces more noise without exaggerating the rumble found in early recordings.
  • The Switcher does something for vertical cut recordings!
  • The Blanker stage (usable for monaural and stereo recordings) can be set to reduce more ticks without causing distortion.
  • The Blanker does not “sputter” on certain drumbeats or vocal transients.
  • The CNS stage (usable for monaural and stereo recordings) gets rid of more high frequency noise.
  • The CNS does something for acoustical recordings.
  • The CNS removes more noise from all records without dulling the music, yet it is easier to adjust.
  • The Blanker and CNS do more for 45’s and 33’s.

The Packburn Model 323AA continues in the tradition of being a “real time” processor in the analog domain, and one that is not dependent on a computer. The Model 323AA still has three noise suppression stages but whose newly patented designs provide even more flexibility over a range of materials (cylinders, 78’s, LP’s, film, tape, noisy CD transfers.) And the Packburn Audio Noise Suppressor is not prone to distort the music if misadjusted.

Thank you for considering updating your unit. Whether you do careful transfer work or just want a gadget that reduces more noise and is easier to control for an evening of ‘sitting back and listening’ we look forward to continuing to serve you in your musical conquest!





Tom Packard


Packburn Electronics, Inc.